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Customer Testimonials

Hear from our wonderful customers!

  • I like the compounded prescription for my fibromyalgia that isn’t a narcotic and helps my pain. Even when I had surgery and had to stop the LDN until I was off pain medications. I got more relief from the LDN then the Nucynta. I felt horrible on Nucynta. Rashes, headaches but not with the LDN. I think LDN is the way to go if you have any chronic conditions or pain from an autoimmune disease

    - Shannon

  • I have been seeing the doctor in your building for some time now and never realized I could get my thyroid medication compounded right here. It has saved me a lot of time being able to see the doctor and fill my prescription in one destination. I have an allergy to yellow dye and have Hashimotos disease. Taking synthetic thyroid medications do not work for me and I get a bad allergy to it. I am proud to say, since I have been getting my T3 and T4 compounded with you, my thyroid levels have stayed within range and it has been a game changer for me. Thank you!

    - Lynn J

  • Thank you very much! The pain cream has been very soothing. In addition, the fact that you have been able to send this to the house has been extremely helpful

    - Rhonda

  • The pain creams tremendously help to relieve my pain. I am grateful the pain cream exists

    - Lynn

  • Thank you very much for sending me the ointment. It works very, very, very good. Keep sending it

    - Jess H

  • The cream is doing me good. It is really helping me a lot and I want to thank you for doing a good job. Thank you

    - William

  • They help. I still feel some pain inside, but the surrounding area feels much better for a little while. Thanks!

    - Jessica

  • The patches are great! The two lotions together worked! It felt great when applied to my back

    - S

  • The cream helps. I have had 3 injections and that lasts about 4 weeks. Then I mix the creams up and it does alleviate the pain for a while

    - Mary

  • Thank you so much! Yes, the creams are helping with relief. I appreciate all your efforts. Take care and keep safe

    - Kare'

  • The pain cream that was sent to me from Dr. Hosmane has helped me a lot so far. I thank him very much. It sure helps the pain

    - Eleanor

  • Customer service you don't get at the big corporate pharmacies is what makes AVNI my pharmacy.

    - B. Rogers

  • Pharmacist is so helpful and takes time to walk you through directions with out feeling rushed!!

    - D. Johnson

  • Not able to drive and AVNI delivery makes my life so much easier.

    - A. Bolton

  • Service is fantastic and access to the pharmacist was helpful and the pain cream worked very well!!

    - C. Davis