Our Approach

Avni Apothecary was founded to meet demand for the specialty and individualized services which have become increasingly rare with the growth of many chain pharmacies.

The practice of compounding allows pharmacists to craft medicines to fit patient needs by removing allergens, adding flavors, and choosing forms (capsules, creams, etc.). Another way we seek to focus on individuals is through our telemed program, starting with Male Wellness issues. This service eliminates the long process of scheduling an appointment, driving to the doctor’s office, waiting in the waiting room, and then finally seeing the doctor by quickly connecting patients with doctors over the phone. We quicken and simplify our patients’ process of getting the care they need.

We can supply all of the medications that major retail chains offer, but promise a fast and friendly, personalized experience with competitive prices.


Our goal at Avni Apothecary is to provide the highest quality custom made medications for our patients.  We will work with you and your physician to create the best formulation to meet your needs.

Why choose compounded medications?  Requesting medicine made especially for you gives you the power to choose.  Our pharmacist can use special ingredients to avoid ones that you might be allergic or sensitive to.  Additionally, we can customize the strength of your medication and can offer you various dosage forms to make application or administration easier.

Meet the Team

Mr. Dario Abbasian R. Ph.

Our Cheerful Chief Pharmacist

Mr. Abbasian has been a licensed pharmacist for over 20 years, and an immunizer Pharmacist for 6 years. After graduating from Howard University with a B.S. Degree in Pharmacy, he began his pharmacy career in the retail sector, and has worked as a pharmacy manager with retail pharmacies including Revco, Kmart, Super Fresh, and CVS-Pharmacy.

Mr. Abbasian is skilled in pharmacy management, drug information, drug utilization review, medication therapy management, counseling his patients on the effective use of their medications and prides himself on superior customer service. He has been involved in clinical activities including immunizations, blood pressure monitoring services, Diabetics health consultations and sugar monitoring devices training. He has also managed a pharmacy designated as a training store and served as a preceptor for student pharmacists completing advanced pharmacy practice during their internship programs with the University Of Maryland School Of Pharmacy.

He has received extensive continuing education in the areas of Pain Management, Weight Management, Pharmacotherapy, Medication Compounding, nutritional supplements and OTC products, and cherishes the opportunity to help each and every one of his customers every day.

Ms. Cierra Merryman

Our Merry Pharmacy Tech